Sustainable wear and corrosion solutions

At Chromin, we help our customers get ahead by making metal resistant to wear and corrosion. Our work is highly specialized and based on unique diffusion techniques. As a result, you get superb materials that last longer. 


Quality that lasts

The technique is our foundation, while our knowledge and skills are what makes what we do unique. No matter what challenge you face, we will be happy to help you tackle it.


A longer life
for any

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Wherever wear occurs, Chromin can help improve component quality and prevent failures, even in the most extreme conditions.


Resistant to water, acid, and the elements

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If corrosion is the problem, Chromin offers the solution. From food to shipping, under a wide variety of conditions.


Strength in

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Problems with high temperatures or temperature shocks? Our diffusion techniques are the ideal solution if cold or heat are causing problems.

Material analysis

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Our work starts with research. From a straightforward material analysis to a more complex damage investigation. At our lab, almost anything is possible.

Cost savings

Our treatments improve the quality of our customers’ products. This means lower maintenance costs and less of need for scarce raw materials. 


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A clean process with hardly any residual streams and no discharge into wastewater. The result is a superior-quality material that lasts longer. If that is not sustainable, then what is?


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Quality right