Looking to the future

All our products and services start with protecting the environment. We extend the life of materials in a pure process, with minimal residual flows and no discharge into surface water. 


Taking responsibility at every layer

Our treatments improve the quality of our customers’ products, reducing maintenance costs and the need for increasingly scarce raw materials: Quality for the long term. We also opt for sustainable relationships in service, built on technical knowledge and human interest. This is how we keep the future in check.


Our starting points


At the source

We solve potential environmental problems at source. Our processes take the environment into account. Materials that we can recover are reused as much as possible. 


Clean technology

To dispose of by-products and waste, we use technologies that keep the environmental impact to a minimum, adhering to the established waste hierarchy.

Engaging every one of us

All of our people are jointly responsible for protecting the environment. We provide training and instruction to our employees. 

Open and transparent

We keep our employees, customers, and the public informed about our sustainability actions. With governments, we also cooperate in an open and transparent way.

The entire chain

We help customers make sustainable choices and contribute to sustainable development throughout the chain. 

Global standard

Our concern for the environment is based on ISO 14001 – the international standard for environmental management systems. 

Facts and figures

solar panels

139,26 tonnes
of CO2 saved every year 

275,76 MWh
of energy generated

Chromin is future-proof in every respect. We even recently started using our own solar panels to generate the energy we need. This way, we continue to innovate and invest in our processes.

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Quality right