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Quality at every layer

Quality is at the heart of our business. By inchromizing with diffusion techniques, we take metals to a higher level of quality and value. This saves on maintenance costs and precious raw materials in a clean and sustainable process. Future-proof in every way.




Only the best is good enough: Premium products. Thorough research. An innovative process. The technique is our foundation, while the process is what makes our work unique. Our quality is based on our expert knowledge and skills. On our passion, too. Researching, innovating, constantly testing. The attention we place on our work.



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Attention and quality are two parts of the same process. Once you see quality, you will lend your attention. Who works with attention, will add further quality. This goes for our products and our company too. We are modest, but dedicated specialists. We represent quality, at every layer.

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Our quality is trusted by the best. From pharmacy to nutrition, from automotive to aviation: we work at the highest level. With a genuine interest and solid expertise, we are a valued partner for all our customers. And we’re proud of it, too. Proud to help our customers move forward. And proud to do it together.

Founded in
Production area
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Paying homage to the old, embracing the new

Chromin was founded in 1977 by Leon Castermans and Willy Middelhuis, who both worked at Maastrichtse Machinefabriek. But when the machine manufacturer shut down, they thought it would be a shame to let all their knowledge of diffusion go to waste. And so, they went into business together. 

Almost half a century later, Chromin is still a trusted partner for all your wear and corrosion problems. With timeless technologies and new innovations, with knowledge and expertise that we are proud of. Leon’s son Remi Castermans is now at the helm of our family business.


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Only the highest quality

From part
to final product

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Proven expertise

Over 45 years of expertise
and experience

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Less failure, more production

Less downtime
for better efficiency

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Direct contact

Short communication lines
and personal contact

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Tailored advice

A dedicated partner
who cares

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A sustainable choice

Clean process,
long service life

CHR011 WTK Icoon_Afspraak is afspraak.svg
We keep our word

Honest advice,
clear agreements

CHR011 WTK Icoon_De laagste TCO.svg
The lowest TCO

More cost-effective
below the line

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Forever innovative

The benefit of
continuous development

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Quality right