Extruder screw feeders WearChemistry

Vulnerable plastic parts made wear-resistant

Extruding plastic places high demands on the extruder feeder parts. This creates significant wear, especially if the plastic is reinforced by fibreglass. Substances used regularly also degrade the basic material, causing rapid disruption to the process. The service life of extruder screw feeders varies from several hours to approximately four months, depending on the product chosen and the machine times.

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By increasing the surface hardness to as much as 2000 HV, we create a wear-resistant part with increased chemical resistance and less sticking of the plastics. Treatment by Chromin increased the service life to more than six months. 

Chemistry, petrochemicals
Wear and damage
Significantly increased service life
Research, treatment, testing, optimization, production
Dimensions and material
Stainless steel 316 DIN: 1.4401 (alternatively DIN: 1.7225 42CrMo4), ΓΈ 125 x 90 mm
Hard inchromizing (CM 03002)

The best treatment for extremely wear-resistant parts with a hard and dense structure and good running characteristics. Dimensional changes are minimal.

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