Filling system for ketchup WearCorrosionFood

Significant improvement in service life for vulnerable components

Ketchup filling systems suffer from significant surface degradation when using stainless steel 304/316, resulting in leakage and incorrect filling quantities. The service life of parts is typically no longer than fifteen weeks, in some cases just six weeks.

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Hard inchromizing the component gives a chromium content of 35% and a surface hardness of up to 2000 HV. Chromin created a corrosion and wear-resistant surface for the filling systems, now with a service life of more than a year. 

Surface degradation
Corrosion and abrasion-resistant surface
Research, treatment, testing, production
Dimensions and material
AISI 316Ti DIN: 1.4571, ΓΈ 34 x 88 mm
Hard inchromizing (CM 03002)

The best treatment for extremely wear-resistant parts with a hard and dense structure and good running characteristics. Dimensional changes are minimal.

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