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Even though we’re a small player, we operate at the highest level. Our quality stems from our constant desire to innovate. And from our experienced staff who do everything to maintain our high standards.


Our key innovations

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Stainless steel hardening

Stainless steel inchromizing

Inserting carbon into the material now makes it possible to inchromize stainless steel components. 

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Temperature adjustment

Reduced distortion thanks to lower temperatures

By adjusting the powder composition, we can now inchromize at lower temperatures, reducing distortion. 

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High volumes, trusted quality

With the tooling we design and develop for our process preparation, we can process larger volumes, still with the high quality you have come to expect, of course.

Low-Pressure Carbonizer (LPC)

High quality and controllable

The LPC is a furnace that carburizes in a low-pressure vacuum. It also vacuum-hardens and anneals the material. The technology is more easily measurable and controllable than a conventional furnace, resulting in a consistent high quality for the finished product. This clean technique is also better for the environment.

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Polishing robot

Constant quality, fast turnaround time

Our polishing robot ensures the same quality every time, with very fast turnaround time. In consultation with the customer, the process is completely customized, adapted to your wishes and requirements. 

9-metre furnace

Larger dimensions for a wide range of applications

Thanks to this furnace, we can handle lengths of up to 9 metres. The larger size means that our treatments can also extend the service life and reduce the costs of products such as pipes and conductors. 

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Faster delivery time

With the separator, we automate the separation of chromium powder and products for small parts.

Hybrid cleaning system

Faster delivery time, even better quality

The cleaning system cleans and degreases the component. This prevents contamination during the process, ensuring even higher quality. Pre-cleaning is no longer needed for certain customers. The hybrid cleaning system allows Chromin to deliver the treated parts to Grade 2 cleanliness specifications.

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Continous Oven System

More energy efficient than ever

For series and mass products, our continous oven system offers continuous diffusion processes. There is an even temperature in the tunnel oven. This creates a constant quality in every layer and we save a lot on energy. Moreover, through automatic cooling, the throughput times have been further shortened.

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Our goal is always to help our customers level up. We go from challenge to solution in a unique five-step process. 


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Our work starts with research. From a straightforward material analysis to a more complex damage investigation. At our lab, almost anything is possible.


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