Knowledge is power

Chromin features a modern metallurgical lab equipped for various types of material research – from straightforward material analysis to a complex damage investigation with photographs of structures. 


Our techniques


  • Measure layer thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Determine core hardness according to Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers
  • Determine surface hardness according to Vickers and Micro Vickers
  • Measure surface roughness of Ra, Rt, Rz, and Rmax 
  • Material spectral analysis (determination of chemical composition and substance/material number)


We can perform various measurements on site if desired. All research can be concluded with a comprehensive report, including images. Reports are also available digitally. 

  • Product and thread measurements (3D measurement technique)
  • Material structure analysis and residual austenite measurement
  • Stereomicroscopy
  • Damage investigation (corrosion, fracture, and cracking)
  • Material choice and advice

‘We combine high-quality research in our lab with the most innovative techniques, always adapted to the customer’s needs and circumstances.’


Our goal is always to help our customers level up. We go from challenge to solution in a unique five-step process. 



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With our experienced and dedicated team, we are constantly innovating to keep our quality at the high level our customers expect. And we’re proud of it too. 



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Why Chromin


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Only the highest quality

From part
to final product

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Proven expertise

Over 45 years of expertise
and experience

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Less failure, more production

Less downtime
for better efficiency

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Direct contact

Short communication lines
and personal contact

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Tailored advice

A dedicated partner
who cares

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A sustainable choice

Clean process,
long service life

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We keep our word

Honest advice,
clear agreements

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The lowest TCO

More cost-effective
below the line

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Forever innovative

The benefit of
continuous development

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Quality right