Strength in extreme heat


A higher temperature often makes for a cleaner and more economical process. This is important, especially in this day and age, but it also creates new challenges. Our diffusion technicians offer the right response to this.

Complex problem, clear solution

Often a problem doesn’t come out of nowhere – as is the case in the petrochemical industry with its high temperatures, aggressive substances, and hard particles. Many surface treatments cannot handle that combination. Our treatments can.

Trusted by the best

With a genuine interest and solid expertise, we are a valued partner for all our customers. We are proud to help them achieve their aims.

‘Chrome has a high melting point, allowing materials to withstand much higher temperatures after inchromizing.’


A longer life for any component

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Wherever wear occurs, Chromin can help improve component quality and prevent failures, even in the most extreme conditions.


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Resistant to water, acid, and the elements

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If corrosion is the problem, Chromin offers the solution. From food to shipping, under a wide variety of conditions. 


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