A longer life for any component


As the pressure to make production faster and faster rises, so too does the frequency of failures. Materials simply can’t keep up with developments. With our unique processes, we improve the quality of parts, even under extreme conditions.

From agriculture to automotive

Wherever wear occurs, Chromin can help. Our diffusion techniques boost the material strength, increasing its service life. Any segment, any production process, at dimensions from 1 mm to 9 m.

Trusted by the best

With a genuine interest and solid expertise, we are a valued partner for all our customers. We are proud to help them achieve their aims.

‘We have all the knowledge and expertise under our roof to investigate where the wear comes from. We help to improve our customers. So, they’re more productive and more competitive.’


Resistant to water, acid, and the elements

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If corrosion is the problem, Chromin offers the solution. From food to shipping, under a wide variety of conditions. 

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Strength in
extreme heat

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Problems with high temperatures or temperature shocks? Our diffusion techniques are the ideal solution if cold or heat are causing problems. 

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